Friday, August 17, 2007

Day 62- Springfield, MA to Boston, MA- 105 miles

We made it to Boston a few days early. It’s hard to believe the riding is over (at least for now…) I actually woke up the next morning and the first thing I did was to look for the sunscreen to put on. After reflecting on the last 2 months and 2 days I decided to write up some lists of the best and worst of the trip. I also wanted to once again thank, this time via the blog, all of you who road with me during the ride, those of you who extended your warm hospitality and friendship and most of all to those of you who fed me. I may be the only person to ride 3800 miles and I actually gained 2 pounds. Thanks also to everyone who has made a contribution to the Foundation for PM&R or the Spine and Sports Centers at the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago. I promise you all that the money will be used very wisely to promote physiatry and to care for our patients. Any of you who rode with me and remember stories or situations that were particularly memorable, please e-mail them to me. I am compiling as many stories about the ride as I can. Now for the lists….

Miles ridden- 3780
Days riding- 54
Average miles per day- 70
Total calories burned- per Garmin 305 - 191, 246 calories
Total weight change- gained 2 pounds!
Total feet of ascent- 177,266 feet
Total hours riding- 296 hours
Maximum heart rate- 185
Average speed while moving- 12.6 mph
Estimated # of pedal strokes- 1,440,000 revolutions
Times lost- 17 ( at least)
# dogs chased by- too many to count
# Dunkin Donuts along Route 20 in Massachusetts- 31
Prettiest area- Southern Utah
Best Hike- The Narrows at Zion National Park
Highest point ridden on bike- Monarch Pass, Colorado- 11,400 feet
Worst Cities to drive in- Canton, Ohio and Erie, PA
Best City to ride in- Boston ( seriously)
Worst Hotel- Middlegate, Nevada
Cheapest Hotel- Middlegate, Nevada
Best Hall of Fame- Cooperstown (Baseball) – hands down!
# tires replaced- 2
# flat tires- none
# tubes changed due to slow leaks- 2
# haircuts- 2. ( Great one at Judy’s in Liverpool, NY)
# tubes of sunscreen used- 6
Best meals ( I know you were waiting for this one)- 6 way tie with two honorable mentions for outstanding burgers
In no specific order-1) Adeles- Fallon, NV 2)Hell’s Backbone Grill- Boulder, UT 3) Papaya- Buffalo, NY 4) Pier W- Cleveland 5) Firefly Grill- Effingham, IL 6) Hoffman Lane Bistro- Cooperstown, NY

Best Burgers- Trailhead CafĂ©- Escalante, UT and Winstead’s- Kansas City, MO
Best home cooked meal- Jerome and Sally Schofferman’s, Sausalito, CA

Special thanks to the following riders and the honor which they are bestowed:

Jerome “Zachary” Schofferman- Best California Rider
Suzy Sachs- Best Sag Support
Mike Baskin- Best person to ask to go get something to eat with (answer is always yes)
Steve Baskin- Best worrier and Most Cautious Rider
Dana Nelson- Most Tolerant Rider ( rode for 8 days with 4 guys)
Dave Pallelo- Best Technical Support and Tire Inspector. Also Best Vegetarian Rider
Venu Akuthota- Best Rider of Indian Descent
Sonya Stilp- Best Rider with Twins
Scott “the Mayor” Primack- Best Sushi Eater Rider
Debbie Primack- Most Tolerant Sag Support
Glen House- Scariest Driver ( on earth)
Pio Guerrero- Best Host
Jim McLean- Top Fluid Consumer
Heidi Prather- Top Female Physiatrist Rider without Twins
Neil Borg- Best Port-a-Poty Locator Rider
Liu Ya Chun (Rebecca)- Best Combination Young Rider and Sag Supporter
Gerry Cox- Best recumnent Bike Rider
Raja Mehta- Best Father of a Physiatrist Rider
Keith Watson- Best Twin Rider (tied)
Kent Watson- Best Twin Rider (tied)
Leslie Slade-Best Female Rider in Missouri
Joe Ihm- Best Rider with a Sore Butt
Paul Weslowski- Best Tanned Rider
Chris Plastaras- 2nd Best Plastaras Rider
Heather Plastaras- Best Ironwomen Triathlete Rider and Best Plastaras Rider
Gary Gerst- Best Rider over 65 and under 75
Aaron Press- Best Rider I am related to ( Favorite Riding Partner)
Howard Press- Best Photographer on a Bike
Marla Press- Best Sister Rider
Mike Schafer- Best Roller Derby Team MD Rider
Clay Kelly- Best VA Physiatrist Rider
Drew Golz- Best Eater ( no contest- and I really was gunning for this one myself)
Greg Golz- Best Rider on the Oldest Bike- Fastest Downhill, Slowest Uphill Rider
Kathy Fisher- Most Flat Tires Award
Howard Aduss- Best Rider 75 and over
Marcia Aduss- Top Female rider over 60

Special thanks to –

Disaboom and Solstice Neurosciences for their tremendous support
Joann Smith and Elliot Roth- for allowing me the time off to Ride
Phyllis Anderson- for organizing the Foundation effort
All my partners and the staff at Clark Street and River Forest for covering for me
George Varghese and the staff and faculty at U of Kansas PMR Department
Fred Frost, Gary Clark, and the faculty and staff at Metro Health and the Cleveland Clinic
The Development Department at RIC for their fundraising help
Barnard's Bike Shop in Oak Park, Illinois and Waterford Precision Cycles in Waterford, Wisconsin for building a great bike
Jeff, Debbie, and Aaron Young, Nancy Sachs, Mike and Dorie Geraci, and David, Gabrielle and Jake Dockterman for their warm hospitality ( and for feeding me well)
Everyone who contributed to the Foundation for PM&R and/or the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago
Gayle and Hannah-my best support team

Final Day- Springfield to Boston, MA- 105 miles

San Franscisco to Boston